How long does onboarding take?

Onboarding times primarily depend on the complexity of the integration. We do our best to provide a quick turnaround, provided we have received all documentation requested.

Portal & API Support

Do you support multiple user access? How are user permissions defined?

We can set up multiple users for your account and define their access level to give you autonomy of how your team uses the platform. Users can be setup with full access, read only rights, or with restrictions on making withdrawals or executing trades.

Does Aquanow's deployment have any scheduled maintenance?

Although we don’t anticipate any downtime for our releases, if we need to experience downtime, we will let users know in advance.

How many bank accounts can we add to the portal?

You can store 5 bank account addresses on the portal.


How much is the maximum exposure per currency?

Aquanow can extend trade financing to help facilitate post trade settlement workflows. Please note that for trade financing, we do expect our counterparties to settle regularly and on a consistent basis; and to maintain a positive equity position at all times.

Limits will ultimately be subject to review by our credit team, though liquidity permitting, there may be lower limitations on thinly traded alt-coins but we can work with you on those limits based on your daily trading volumes.

Is there a limit on the size of trade I can facilitate on the platform?

For Client-Initiated trades via the webapp or API, please refer to the Supported Assets and Tickers page. If you wish make larger executions, you can contact Aquanow's OTC desk.

As a general rule, anything in the 1000s (fiat) should be done on the platform. For trades in the millions, use OTC.

Is it possible to make test payments with bitcoin from testnet-faucet.mempool.co?

You can use any BTC testnet faucet to deposit to the address. We also suggest setting up a BTC testnet wallet since most faucets have a transaction limit.

Deposits & Withdrawals/Settlement

What information should I include in my reference field for deposits?

If it’s a wire transfer, this field can be left blank since it’s coming from an account with your name on it. If the deposit is coming from a PSP, then your company name should be in the reference field.

Are we required to whitelist wallets/accounts we deposit from?

Not at this time, however all deposits must originate from wallets (and accounts) owned by the client’s legal entity, as per our terms and conditions. We do not support third-party transfers. Whitelisting is required for addresses to settle (withdraw) funds and that can be done on the portal.

How long for deposits to be credited to my account?

All deposits are processed as soon as possible. Crypto deposits are credited as soon as they are confirmed on the blockchain. Fiat deposits are processed by the sending and receiving banks and are credited by our back office team as soon as we receive them. All deposits are also subjected to transaction monitoring in order to comply with AML and reporting requirements and in some instances may require additional information and/or documentation before being credited.

How long does it take to settle?

Withdrawal requests are processed as soon as possible when they are received. Aquanow employs active transaction monitoring, and additional checks and diligence may be applied on certain transactions. Fiat withdrawals are also dependent on transfer processes of the banks involved, clients can perform a test transaction to assess the speed of funds.

Other Offerings

Do you offer staking services through your API?

We currently do not offer staking services.