Trade Management

Use our Market Charts, Pre-Trade, and Trade Blotter to help you implement and manage your trading activity

  1. Market Charts: for technical analysis and market trend

  2. Pre-Trade Analysis: estimating market impact when executing large trades

  3. Trade Blotter: a 24-hour history of placed orders

  4. Trade History and Trade Confirms: view and export your trading history

Market Charts

Navigate to the top right of our dashboard for our trading view, which gives second-by-second updates on market changes for all Aquanow trading pairs, as well as in-depth customizability with over 100 indicators, intelligent drawing tools, and additional technical analysis tools & overlays.

Pre-Trade Analysis

The bottom right section of the Dashboard also contains the Pre-Trade Analysis section, where users can generate pre-trade analysis, informing them of the market impact of a large volume trade, and the executed price at that order book depth.

First, users will click the 'Analysis' tab from the order box. From there, users are prompted to select between Buy & Sell, enter the currency quantity of the order they'd like to place, then generate the pre-trade analysis.

Pre-trade analysis will then be generated showing the Top of Book Price, Executed Price, and Market Impact for the proposed trade, as well as an accompanying chart. The 'Executed Price' within pre-trade analysis will show the mean price paid on the proposed trade.

Trade Blotter

The Trade Blotter section gives a detailed view of user's open orders and a 24-hour historical view of closed orders. Details provided include order status, trade date, average price, limit price, and filled amount.

All orders with active statuses will be displayed in the Open Orders section. Open Orders can be canceled by users by clicking on the "cancel order" button. Orders in a terminal state will have one of the resolved statuses and will be displayed in the 24-hour History section.

More detailed info on trade statuses can be found here:


Trade History and Trade Confirmations

The Trade Summary is accessible for a selected date range by accessing the 'Trade History' header in the Web Portal. Users can also download trade confirmations and export trade summary records using CSV Exports