Latest vs Legacy

Our documentation has been revised to cater to the introduction of a new, improved account structure. This update comes with several key changes and enhancements aimed at providing our clients with a more flexible and comprehensive service. Here's what's new:

  1. Multi-Account Capability: Unlike the previous limitation of a single account per company profile, clients can now request multiple accounts to better manage their business operations.

  2. Account Types: We have introduced two distinct account types:

    • Cash Account: Standard account for managing cash transactions.

    • Credit Account: Offers a trade credit facility with a limit specified in USD, subject to a maximum lending amount per currency. Approval is required to access this facility.

Future features and enhancements will be available exclusively for these new account types.

Determining Which Documentation Version to Use

To ensure you're using the correct documentation version for your account type, please follow this guide:

Via the Aquanow Customer Trading Portal:

  • After logging into the client trading portal, check the dashboard page for your "Account Type."

    • If it displays Legacy Account, use the Legacy documentation version. (Note: This feature is currently in staging and set to go live on April 23, 2024.)

    • If it displays either Cash Account or Credit Account, the Latest documentation applies.

  • Additionally, the presence of an account ID on the Dashboard or within the Transaction and Trade History sections can guide you:

    • No account ID or populated account ID columns in Transaction and Trade History indicate the Legacy documentation should be used. Otherwise, refer to the Latest documentation.

Using APIs:

  • If your transactions and orders process successfully without specifying an accountId parameter, your operations are based on the Legacy system.

  • Transactions requiring an accountId parameter use the Latest system.

We believe these updates will greatly enhance your trading experience with us and look forward to your feedback as we continue to improve our services.

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