Deposits & Withdrawals

Initiating deposits & withdrawals on the Aquanow Web Portal
Deposits and withdrawals can be initiated from the dashboard tab in the Web Portal. Here users should navigate to the user balance section in the bottom right.
From here, each coin and their respective pending and available balances are viewable with the option to initiate deposits or withdrawals individually by coin.


To initiate deposits, first select the Deposits action for a coin. Users without a deposit address will be prompted to generate an address first.
Once a deposit address is created, users can initiate a deposit by sending the correct coin to the displayed deposit address using the address or the QR code.
Only use each Deposit Address to send the corresponding symbol. Sending other currencies could result in the loss of deposit.


To initiate withdrawals, first select the Withdrawals action for a coin. Users can only withdraw up to the quantity of the available balance.
Users are prompted to enter the quantity, the withdrawal address, and select their desired address type (if multiple network options are available)

Saving Withdrawal Addresses

Withdrawal addresses can be saved in the Aquanow Web Portal for future use, and can be selected from the drop down menu as outlined in:

Exporting Deposit/Withdrawal History

Within the Transactions page, users can export the deposit and withdrawal history. More information about exporting transactions can be found on the CSV Exports page.
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